Welcome home baby Faith!

Born Dec. 17, 2011Our newest addition, Faith Adalyn, came into our lives almost three weeks ago. With her being our fifth child, I was well prepared for the sleepless nights and all of the transitions that come with adding a new member to the family. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to come home from the hospital knowing that the only child I’d see or hear in the night would be my newborn! It’s hard enough as it is to get up for feedings 2 or 3 times each night, let alone deal with toddlers and preschoolers getting up too! SleepBuddy has made the joy of bringing home Faith that much sweeter.

Today I was thinking about how SleepBuddy is so much more to us than just a product to keep our kids in bed. Sure, during the baby transition it helped keep all four of my older kids in their beds, but it also gave each one of them confidence knowing that even with Faith’s arrival, things around here are just the same as they always were. They could hold tight to the fact that the fundamentals of our family, and the expectations placed on them do not change – no matter what else comes and goes. There are many things that give our kids that same sense of structure and comfort, but since sleep is something so personal and intimate, SleepBuddy has had the greatest impact. I am so thankful we were using it regularly before we brought Faith home!

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