Time Change

I never understood why parents got so worked up about seasonal time changes interfering with their toddler’s sleep. After all, it’s only one hour right? Now that I’m a parent and have seen our kids through numerous “fall backs” and “spring forwards”, along with traveling to different time zones, I’m beginning to understand how stressful it could be if SleepBuddy were out of the picture!  It makes sense to me that bedtime battles and power struggles could become part of a routine literally overnight when children aren’t ready to go to bed as a result of being put to bed a whole hour earlier when their bodies tell them it’s not time to sleep yet!

Last night as Jimmy and I were getting home late from an evening out, I wondered how many parents out there were setting their clocks back and trying to quickly get in bed on a Saturday night because their children will wake up an hour earlier than usual.   I went into each of our kids’ rooms, re-programmed their SleepBuddies and was able to rest knowing that I would be able to sleep without interruption until the time came when I decided they would get up!  Sure, we don’t make them stay in bed for a whole extra hour, but that 30 min stretch is priceless!

We’ve been able to make our way through countless seasonal time changes without a hitch by using SleepBuddy. By setting it to modify their sleep routine by 15 or 30 minutes each night after the clocks are changed, children and parents don’t have to feel worn out and frustrated by losing a whole hour of sleep.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful knowing your whole family can “fall back” to sleep with SleepBuddy, too?

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