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Chantry, Mother of Three

After a month of struggling to get my 2 year old to stay in her big girl bed (she randomly started waking up in the middle of the night, finding herself in our bedroom –conveniently at the same time as we were bringing home a newborn). The SleepBuddy has been a life-saver for our little View Full →

Jennifer, Mother of Two

Aunt Melody gifted us a SleepBuddy and we LOVE it! Our 2 year old runs to his room to see if his buddy has turned on. Then he exclaims “it’s night night time”. We have told him that his SleepBuddy is there to watch out for him while he sleeps. SleepBuddy glows when he should View Full →

Tim, Father of Two

My twins just turned two a few weeks ago. They slept really well up until about 20 months, then they started occasionally waking up and crying until someone laid them back down. Then at about 22 months it became almost a nightly event with my daughter waking up between 11pm and 1am and then my View Full →

Debbie K.

This product is amazing. I started using it with my youngest son when he was a little over 2 and still in his crib. We received the product packaged in beautiful wrapping paper, which made it all the more special for my son. It took only one weekend for him to understand that he should View Full →

Shannon C.

My son is almost two, and I was struggling with keeping him in his bed at nap time. He normally takes a 3 hour nap. I was frustrated b/c he wasn’t getting the rest he needed, and I wasn’t getting a break in the day. I tried the sleep buddy and so far we’ve had View Full →

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