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Tim, Father of Two

We’ve been using the SleepBuddy for almost 2 weeks and we haven’t had to get up with them yet…

Amazon Customer

Since this arrived at our house about 4 weeks ago, our 2.75 year old has only woken us up when his sleep buddy light goes off (except one time when his grandparents arrived & he was so excited he couldn’t wait). It has been a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL change in our life. We know that we View Full →

Jennifer, Mother of Two

Thursday night Callie came into our room four times in the night with every excuse in the book why she can’t sleep in her room and needs to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. When our SleepBuddy arrived I had her open it like a gift and she was so excited! We read the book and View Full →

Erin, Mother of Two

I was so excited to learn that my SleepBuddy was shipping the same day that I ordered it! We received it last Thursday and have been so pleased with it! My 2 year old was very excited that he got a gift in the mail and he loves to read the story over and over View Full →

Anna, Mother of One

I just started using SleepBuddy with my toddler, she’s still in her crib but has been struggling to stay quiet and content if she wakes up early, especially from naps. After 3 days with the SleepBuddy, I’ve already seen an improvement. She fell asleep in the car on the way home just today, (we all know View Full →

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