SleepBuddy’s First Steps

As the parents of (almost!) 5 children, we have had our share of bedtime battles.  Our oldest son, James, was our biggest challenge. I remember feeling desperate and consumed with trying to find what would “work” to get the sleep we all needed. We tried everything and the problems just got worse!  Time and time again we were let down by the advice of others and by discipline techniques that didn’t work and didn’t feel natural to us as parents.  We literally tried everything – and even came close to sawing his door in half like a barn door to ensure he stayed put!  I searched every catalog, website and store I could think of that might have a solution to help James stay in bed at night and at naptime.  I continued to come up empty handed and even more frustrated. I didn’t find a single solution – just lots of other parents who were struggling with the same problem we were having!

As a result we created SleepBuddy – the complete sleep training system to encourage healthy sleep habits.  It was amazing and changed our lives immediately.  As soon as James knew what was expected of him, we could tell he felt a sense of relief.  It became a comfort object to him and until he was 6 years old he couldn’t sleep without it glowing in his room.  It has made a dramatic impact on helping every member of our family get the sleep we need.

SleepBuddy’s main component is a small programmable light that sits on a tabletop in the child’s bedroom. This light serves as a simple visual cue to let the child know when to stay in bed. When the light is on, the child is reminded by the soft blue glow  that they are to stay quietly in bed. When it turns off, it’s okay for the child to get up.

SleepBuddy also includes a true-to-life children’s book, “A Bedtime Surprise”. This book is written from a child’s perspective and helps them understand how SleepBuddy will fit into their own little world.  This is important because it gives parents a teaching tool that reinforces routine, consistency and expectations for the child, as well as providing that much needed snuggle time!

Another key component with proven success for our users is SleepBuddy’s accompanying Reward Chart.  By placing the provided stickers on the colorful chart after each successful night/nap, children are encouraged and motivated to earn privileges.  There is even a place to attach a photo of something for the child to work toward with each success.

SleepBuddy is a real solution for real sleep problems.  It’s gentle, yet effective and has a proven track record for instilling healthy sleep habits in toddlers and preschoolers.  Our mission is to reach out to as many parents as possible to help them incorporate healthy, lasting changes into their family’s sleep practices.  It has changed our family for the better and helped us ensure that all of our children get the sleep they need!

My SleepBuddies!

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