SleepBuddy rewards chart helps keep track of your kid's sleep progress
Track your child's successful sleep progress with the SleepBuddy rewards chart and included in the box.
little boy putting stickers on SleepBuddy Reward Chart

Use rewards and help your child feel like a winner.

At first your child probably won’t want to stay in bed all night, or even for a short nap. Rewards can make a difference. Kids learn that sticking to the sleep schedule means getting rewards. The chart is set up for weekly rewards, but you can structure things any way you like: daily, weekly or monthly.

For the younger SleepBuddies, we recommend you start with immediate rewards after each successful sleep session. Move them to the included system when you think they’re ready!

Fun, smiley-face stickers are included with your Rewards Chart. Place one sticker on the chart after each successful sleep session. Animals represent days. After a complete week is filled with stickers, give your child a reward.

A few ideas to get you started!

For younger kids (immediate):
  • Fun and exciting stickers
  • Play a board game with Mom/Dad
  • Outside game (kickball, tag, duck-duck-goose)
  • A special yet simple craft activity that they don’t typically get to do (play dough, painting, popsicle stick picture frame, etc.)
  • Artificial flowers to pick from (put them in a vase and eventually they will have a beautiful bouquet)
  • Choose a book from a special book-bin that is filled with unfamiliar “new” library books to read with a parent in a special nook of his/her choosing
  • Lolipop/candy from a jar to pick from
  • Treasure chest – filled with inexpensive toys/goodies
For older kids (to earn over time):
  • Matchbox car
  • Trip to the dollar store/Goodwill
  • Doll clothes
  • Choose the menu for a night
  • Pick a game/movie for family night
  • Mom bakes something of his/her choice
  • New art item
  • 30 minutes of computer/video/tv time
  • Go to a jumpy place
  • Date with Mom/Dad
  • Mom/Dad does your chores for a day
  • Stay up ½ hour later for a night
  • Pack of gum at grocery store
  • Extra story at bedtime
  • Backrub/scratch from parent
  • Choose a fun family outing
  • Playdate with a friend
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