Why SleepBuddy™

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that the #1 tip for good sleeping habits in children is to follow a nightly routine.  A bedtime ritual makes it easier for your child to relax, fall asleep and sleep through the night.

SleepBuddy™ offers just that and was designed to with sound practices in mind to help parents and children through critical sleep developmental milestones.

Sleep Recommendations for Toddlers and Preschoolers*:


Tips for Toddlers:

  1. Maintain a daily sleep schedule and consistent bedtime routine.
  2. The bedroom environment should be the same every night and throughout the night.
  3. Set limits.
  4. Encourage use of a security object.
  5. Develop a regular daily bedtime schedule.

Tips for Preschoolers:

  1. Maintain a regular and consistent sleep schedule.
  2. Follow-through with a bedtime routine every night.
  3. The child should have the same sleeping environment every night. It should be cool, quiet, dark and without a TV.
  4. Watch for difficulty breathing, unusual nighttime awakenings, chronic sleep problems, and behavioral problems during the day.
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