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Here at SleepBuddy™, we’re passionate about providing parents the awareness and tools they need to teach their children healthy sleep routines so EVERYONE gets the sleep they need.

A Welcome From the Creator

Thank you for your interest in SleepBuddy™! It’s wonderful to know that this little light, which started out as my “last straw”, could be the very tool that helps your family sleep well. It’s a dream come true to share SleepBuddy™ with you!

As a mother of seven, Pediatric Sleep Expert, certified parent coach and former teacher, I have learned a very important lesson: IF THE KIDS DON’T SLEEP, NOBODY SLEEPS! From early on, I made it a priority to protect my children’s sleep and encourage healthy sleep habits.

Many parents know the feeling of helplessness when a child stands bedside thinking the day starts at 2:00 am. When our first child turned two, he refused to stay in his bed at naptime and nighttime. After many sleepless nights and failed attempts to change his behavior, I developed the SleepBuddy™ prototype.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of families to guide them through the steps of teaching their child(ren) to sleep well. I have seen the detrimental effects of the lack of sleep, as well as the renewing benefits that come when a child’s sleep has been restored. It’s life changing for the entire family and has made me an advocate of what healthy sleep truly looks like.

You’ll see quickly that SleepBuddy™’s message is different. Our goal is to empower and teach you. Our stand is for the babies and toddlers who don’t know what their growing bodies need. We’re determined to get the facts to you so that you can lead your little one(s) in the way they should go. You can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered and your child’s best sleep is our top priority.

If you find yourself in need of sleep advice, encouragement or support for your little one, visit me at www.healthyhappysleep.com.

Laura Meeks and Family

Many Blessings,

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