How It Works

child reading SleepBuddy children's book with mom

SleepBuddy is for children who are:

  • In the crib and moving to a bed within 1-2 months
  • Currently transitioning from crib to bed, or
  • Sleeping in a bed but not staying through the night.

Three simple steps toward sound, healthy sleep.

Present and explain SleepBuddy to your child. The system includes an engaging children’s book to help your child understand the concept.

Program the soft blue light to turn on for scheduled nap time and when it is time for your child to go bed at night. Place the light in his/her room where it can be seen from the bed.

Record your child’s progress with the included incentive chart and smiley stickers. When a goal is reached, choose a reward that you feel is right for your child.

SleepBuddy includes:

SleepBuddy is a complete sleep system to teach your kids when to stay in bed

Soft Blue Light

Helps remind kids when to stay in bed and when to get up. Light is easy to program for naps and nighttime.

SleepBuddy light is on, stay in bed. SleepBuddy light is off, okay to get up

Children’s Book

“A Bedtime Surprise” helps you introduce SleepBuddy to your kids.

Rewards Chart

Reinforces good sleep habits in a fun way. Place stickers on chart to record good behavior and track rewards.

Parent’s Guide

Answers your questions from A to ZZZZ.

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